Associated Logistics & Transportation is a fast-growing logistics company which has served most industries. Among them are:

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CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods)
The Consumer Packaged Goods industry abides by the changing needs of its customers. This is because food, beverages, clothing, tobacco, and household products are sold quickly at a relatively low cost. A fast and convenient way to transport these goods, then, is in order. This is where our services at Associated Logistics & Transportation come in.

Retail services can easily be found everywhere. This is why it is important that retail business owners ensure their products arrive on time to satisfy buyers. Associated Logistics & Transportation makes sure that this is done through our fast and reliable transport services.

E-Commerce is a prime example of an industry made for the need for a fast and convenient way to get one’s needs. However, behind these commercial transactions made online is a reliable transport service to move the products in all the transactions exchanged. This is where Associated Logistics & Transportation can help you.

The term, ‘technology’ is linked to speed and convenience. It only makes sense that the logistics services necessary in the production of its outputs are delivered in a prompt and reliable manner. Associated Logistics & Transportation can make this happen.

The economy at large is buoyed by the industries it is composed of. Revenue is generated by way of the production of goods or related services within the company. It is important that the production and the processes related to it are streamlined to achieve optimal results. Our logistics services at Associated Logistics & Transportation will make sure these outcomes are within reach.

The beverage industry extends beyond the production, processing, and packaging of drinks; it is a mature sector that markets non-alcoholic and alcoholic items. A streamlined and solid outcomes-based approach is utilized. You can trust us at Associated Logistics & Transportation to be in line with your vision at all times.

The specialty chemicals industry is a consumer-driven trade given that its outputs are a wide range of products used daily. Innovation and excellent customer service is part and parcel of everyday business. To secure trust and continued customer patronage, it is necessary that the processes involved in producing these chemicals are precise. Ensure this precision through the services we offer at Associated Logistics & Transportation.

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The food manufacturing industry involves everything from raising and eventual consumption of animals for meat to the preparation and packaging of consumer food products. Since it is one that has formed organically and is a vital trade throughout, ensuring that it runs smoothly is everyone’s business. Associated Logistics & Transportation makes its input through our reliable logistics services.

Due to its scope, the automotive industry and the trends and the performance it generates also serve as an indicator of the global business cycle. As a high-stakes industry, it is of utmost importance that the processes involved in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing, and selling of motor vehicles are secured to avoid financial liabilities. The reliable services we offer make sure this is possible.

Much like the food industry, the healthcare industry is vital in ensuring the health of the community. Thus, it is important that the curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care, and the other services that patients need are secured. Associated Logistics & Transportation provides logistics services to bridge these needs. By delivering equipment, patients, and packages, among others, care reaches those who need it.

The production of clothes and apparel is a fast and consumer-driven trade. This reflects the evolving taste and trends in fashion. Before it reaches the mainstream, however, it first goes through the production chain of clothing and garments: starting with the textile industry to fashion retailers up to the trade with second-hand clothes and textile recycling. Associated Logistics & Transportation offers logistics services to ensure that this process goes smoothly.

The food and drug industry comprises of manufacturers that produce and sell drug prescriptions, OTC medications, chemically or naturally derived remedies, health and beauty products, among others. As such, it is considered a defensive industry; it remains a priority among consumers even at times of economic distress. It is important that the processes involved in the production are as productive as possible. This is where our logistics services at Associated Logistics & Transportation come in.

The aerospace and defense industry is comprised of two markets—the aerospace industry which generally refers to the production, sale, and service of commercial aircraft, and the defense industry which is dependent on the nation’s need for security systems and military weapons. The role that the industry plays in national security cannot be downplayed. Behind these larger-than-life operations, a reliable logistics service provider is key to bridging the needs of these markets and the companies and governments they serve. This is where Associated Logistics & Transportation can help.